Historical Society Property

The Conestoga Area Historical Society is located at Ehrlich Park, 51 Kendig Road, in Conestoga, and is comprised of the following buildings.

Main Building and MuseumThe Main Building consists of a rotating exhibit area in the ground floor, a fixed museum on the first floor, Gundel Hall (a meeting room), a storage area, library and four craftsman shops.
Steven Atkinson Log Cabin – a log cabin originally located in the Sunnyside district of Lancaster on the Conestoga River. c 1733
The Tobias Stehman Blacksmith Shop – a working blacksmith shop originally located on the Stehman farm in Pequea township. c 1880
The Michael Harnish Stone House – c 1740 stone house originally located along Main Street in Conestoga.
The Elmer Hoak Broom Shop – is a toll booth from the Slackwater area of Manor Township.
The Myers Tannery Shed
The Sweitzer Bank Barn

Historical Society Info

The Conestoga Area Historical Society
51 Kendig Road, Conestoga, PA 17516