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Official Heritage Site

The Conestoga Area Historical Society is an officially designated heritage site in the Lancaster County Heritage program. Heritage sites are places whose primary purpose is to educate residents and visitors about the heritage of Lancaster County.

Lancaster County Heritage is designed to raise public awareness of natural, historic, and cultural resources that meet specific criteria for authenticity, interpretation, and visitor readiness. Resources that meet these criteria are officially designated by the Lancaster County Planning Commission, whose staff administers the program with the involvement of local residents.

For more information about the program, please contact:

Lancaster County Heritage
c/o Lancaster County Planning Commission
150 North Queen Street, Suite 320
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603

Corporate Donors

Corporate donors and sustaining members are very beneficial to the community and to our organization. This page is to recognize their support:

Conestoga Township
Turkey Hill Dairy
B. & J. Disposal Service – 3645 Main St., Conestoga, PA (717) 872-4298
Hollister’s Sawmill – 155S Blue Lane, Columbia, PA (717) 898-2676
Tom Grassel’s Farm Models
The Conestoga Wagon Restaurant – 2961 Main St. Conestoga, PA (717) 872-4811

Historical Society Info

The Conestoga Area Historical Society
51 Kendig Road, Conestoga, PA 17516