Conestoga Area Historical Society News

Docents Needed

As C.A.H.S. continues to expand, we are in even greater need of more docents. If you are interested in volunteering at C.A.H.S., please contact the Society at 717-812-1699 and our Docent Coordinator will be in contact with you.

Fall 2016 Acquisitions

  • Framed “Susquehanna” cigar box paper. Gift: Ronald Ettleman (The Dream Framer).
  • Oak ice box (early 20th century), pastry case from the Martin Smith Store (Conestoga), assortment of women’s vintage and reenactment clothing. Gift: (Mrs.) D. Jean Hubbs.
  • Unit of post office mail boxes from the now closed West Willow Post Office. Gift: Benjamin Lefever III.
  • Red glass globe from the old Holtwood Village Fire House. Gift: Jack Bleacher.
  • Cigar carton branding iron. Gift: Eric Cole.
  • World War II winter overcoat and duffle bag belonging to the late William Bailes. Gift: (Mrs.) Joanna Bailes.
  • Ephemera from the estate of the late Penn Manor district justice, Stella Caldwell. Gift: Raymond Caldwell.
  • Scrapbook of Millersville Bicentennial (1961) events, (compiler unknown). Gift: Philip Gerber, the Millersville Area Historical Society.

Thomas D Grassel’s Gallery of Early Agriculture

Back in 2012, the Conestoga Area Historical Society presented an exhibit featuring the farm models of Tom Grassel. Over the winter the property team constructed a room dedicated to these models. Tom Grassel has been ever so kind to donate the models to the CAHS. This new room is at the front of Gundel Hall and is absolutely beautifully done. In addition to the models, there are six monitors that continuously run, which show Tom Grassel and his family and friends farming the land in the same spirit as was done in years gone by, prior to the the advent of mechanized farming.

When visiting the Conestoga Area Historical Society, this gallery is a must-see exhibit!

St. Mary’s Pew Benches Available for C.A.H.S. Donation

A limited number of pew ends from St. Mary’s Catholic, Mission Church, Safe Harbor, are being made available through a donation to the Conestoga Area Historical Society. These are not to be confused with the pew doors that were previously made available. The sides have the original 19th century light brown faux grain paint. The bench’s seat and back duplicate the original green paint. The minimum length of the custom assembled benches is three feet. They may be obtained for a donation of $300.00. Additional length benches may be ordered in increments of $100.00 per foot. A one half of total amount deposit is required at the time of the bench’s reservation. The remaining amount must be given at the time of the bench’s completion and pick-up at the C.A.H.S. The benches will be made by a C.A.H.S. craftsman. No definite completion dates can be given. A sample bench may be seen at the C.A.H.S., 51 Kendig Road, Conestoga, PA., during museum hours: Saturdays and Sundays 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Reservation arrangements may be made at that time. Also, one pew frontal panel is immediately available for a $400.00 donation. It is faux grained painted, divided into 7’4″ long unit and measures 34″ high.


2021 Events

Open Sundays from 1 to 4 pm
May 2 through November 28

Fall Fest
Saturday, September 25 from 10 am to 4 pm
Sunday, September 26 from noon to 4 pm

The Conestoga Area Historical Society
51 Kendig Road, Conestoga, PA 17516

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